• Sunday Roast

    Sunday Roast
    How to make the best pub roast dinner
    What does your roast consist of?

    This is a very controversial topic among the Brits.

    Which meat should it be? No one can disagree that stereotypically its beef, but in my opinion, nothing beats a good leg of lamb, crispy roast potatoes, boiled greens and carrots and over the top Yorkshire pudding’s smothered in gravy.

    In my family it became a tradition. Each Sunday the same. No matter what we had done that week, we would travel over to my grandparents’ house and sit around the large dining room table and eat together. Me, my brother, my parents, my grandparents, and my cousin. On the way over everyone had the same thought. Whether it would be ready at 13:00 or just after. The meal would always be fashionably late. We would arrive, the house would be the perfect temperature of warmth from all the cooking. My grandma would be floating around the kitchen putting her last touches of love into the food.

    It was weird but each week the meal would taste exactly the same. Sitting here now I can taste each individual flavor of the food in my mouth. The image in my head of the food plied on the plate. There was always too much food to go around. But that’s the thing, my grandma is a feeder. Everyone would make the same joke each week, “can you fit any more on the plate.” This was one of the things I love about my grandma, she never wanted anyone to go without.

    Then came dessert. (The part I looked forward to the most). I could always rely on my grandma. We were the same, sweet over savory any day. There would always be options. This did not help me; I was indecisive and wanted a ‘little’ of everything. Raspberry roulade, apple crumble, trifle, lemon meringue or banana custard. These are a few of the many that I have tasted on Sunday’s since I can remember.

    No one could ever top their roast dinner. For me it was not about the food. It was the family time I looked forward to the most.

  • Red Flags

    It as if we are attracted to them. It does not matter the shape or size or the disguise they come in. They are there.

    It usually always starts out perfect. The odd argument. That’s normal. We like to remember this further down the line. Tell ourselves “It wasn’t always like this”. Reliving each moment, tormenting ourselves. Not knowing whether you made it up in your head. The wall between reality and make believe, broken. Not only telling yourself but your friends that there always more good times than bad. It feels reassuring, doesn’t it? Not wanting to give up on something that you wanted so badly. Where the pain of not having them in your life anymore hurts more than the way your treated. So, you endure.

    I believe we choose to ignore red flags, act as if they are not there and then they will magically disappear. The truth is they don’t. Everyone chooses to show their true colors whether we want to accept them or not. Maybe the main reason we choose to stay regardless is because we believe deep down, they will change for us. But that’s wrong! You know it and so do I.

    You might think to yourself. There is only one. But that’s the start to an unravelling cycle. Making excuse after excuse until there’s too many to count on your hands combined. Whether it’s physical, emotional or mental abuse. Do not stand for it. Each time you allow yourself to be broken down by these actions, they take a toll on future relationships and your mental health in the long run.

    Every time is a longer lasting effect. Embedding each memory in your mind. This will be the biggest impact; you will forget yourself in this process. Slowly, you’ll begin to believe what you are being told. It can equate to a brain wash, erasing every loving reflection of yourself in the mirror. You will become your own biggest stranger.

    Is it self-sabotage? Setting ourselves an impossible challenge to change a person because “you’re different”. I am sorry to be the one to break it, but you are not. You already know that anyway. Listen to that friend. Yes, the one you are thinking of right now. I know they sound like a broken record, but they see what you choose to ignore. But do not for one moment think they are judging you because they only want to see you happy.

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